The Introvert – Book Review

Author– Shubhan Dua

Publisher– Half Baked Beans

Genre– Mental Health/ Fiction

Year– 2019

Love is never confined to actions or pleasure. It is a thought and a belief shared by both, you and your parents.

Samat Parly runs away from home at the age of 13. He feels that he is not being loved and understood at his own house. So after a certain incident where his father takes a rather extreme action against him he packs his essentials and with the guide of his Brain he sets out to find himself.

First of all it is very commendable to write something on mental health. This book definitely gives an insight as to what is going on in the mind of the person who are too shy to speak or who are not confident in their own skin. 

It provides their POV to the world. What are their exact thoughts or what is the reason of certain actions they take during stressful situations.

Narration of the book is very confusing. I really had a hard time understanding what is going on in certain scenes.

There are many characters in the book and somehow they all are connected. In my opinion I couldn’t find the connection.

Plot of the story seems very interesting. I really like books which deal with mental illness because we need to be more empathize with them and understand them.

This book gives a fair understanding of an introvert boy named Samat. But I feel as a story it lacks execution. Many places I found the writing to be quiet immature. So from the mental health point it does great but the representation as a story totally fails.

Ratings- 2.5/5

Have you read any book which talks about mental health?


They go to sleep – Book review

Author– Saugata Chakraborty

Publisher– Notion Press

Genre– Thriller/Suspense/Romance/Fiction

Year– 2019

They go to sleep is a collection of 12 short stories. Theme of the stories varies from thriller/suspense to loss and love.


Plot of each story was very interesting. Each story has a certain twist. Not one of them was dull or boring to read.

Narration was quite same in all the stories. There is really a room for improvement in the narration. Because at times some scenes were really difficult to understand.

Some stories had tons of characters but being a short story it has to ended quick. I guess such stories have potential to be turn into full fledged novel and it would be interesting to read them.

Every story have a certain theme or certain emotion attached to it and author does full justice to keep it.

My favorite among all the stories are ‘The other Side’ and ‘What’s in a Name?’. While the former one is about loss and happiness the latter one is about an accidental encounter between two strangers.

If you want to read something short and quick and which have different themes to offer you should definitely read this book.

The Super Hero Soul – Book review

Author– Dilip Bhatija

Genre– Self Help/Non Fiction

Publisher– Bloomsbury India

Year– 2016

Ratings– 3.5/5


It is a self help book which mainly focus towards your professional life. It has nine chapters or nine factors necessary for a successful career.


It has an amazing cover. Every chapter starts with a very gorgeous illustration depicting the theme of that particular chapter.

It is really an eye opener at some places. It motivates and encourages to give your best. It has very nicely combined the professional and personal life benefits and explains how they are inter connected.

There are many quotes in the book from very famous personalities. I just wish it has more stories so it would be more interesting to read.

It has rightly said in the beginning that there is nothing new information in this book. But this book makes you realize of the information you have and encourages you to use it wisely.

It is engaging and never gets dull. Language is easy to understand and ignites a spark in you to get up and do something which you love.

To Naddiyyaa

Author- Kavya Sharma

Genre- Romance/Fiction

Year- 2018


To Naddiyaaa

Naddiyaa is loved by a mad mad man. But is he really mad? Just because he doesn’t fit the society description of a man he is mad? But does Naddiyaa also think he is a mad person? Does Naddiyaa reciprocate this mad man’s love?

This book is a series of letter written by Durjoy for his lover and his wife Naddiyaa. Durjoy, whom everyone thinks is a mad person, is madly and wholly in love with Naddiyaa. Naddiyaa who craved for love from a very long time because after her mother demise her father never cared nor even paid attention to her. But what happened that even after being married to a man who loves Naddiyaa so much she couldn’t find love in her life?


This book very aptly tells you one thing that love is not for anyone. Sometimes you are loved so much by someone but it is not in your fate to be with that person.

I personally felt that this book was more in the form of prose. The writing of the book is actually quite different and at times quite difficult to decipher.

It is flooded with emotions. Letters written by Durjoy are nothing but expression of his love for Naddiyaa. They are so deep, so heart warming, selfless and yes truly a mad man’s love.

The pace of the book is quite slow. Because there are many family secrets hidden in the story but they are revealed at a very slow pace. So you have to be quiet patient while reading this book because it has some good twist but they will not reveal all at once.

This book is extreme not only on emotional level but also at situational level. Because the condition of the woman in late 60’s were definitely worst. Getting marry at an early age, not being able to study, to provide and exist for men and only men and many more such conditions are described.

Society is very cruel. They had the definition of each and everything and if you don’t fit in the definition they discard you by calling you names. If such thing still prevails in the 21st century then just imagine the late 60’s in India. This book also put a light on such definition of men and women.

So overall if you really want to read something emotional and about selfless love, do read this book.