The Super Hero Soul – Book review

Author– Dilip Bhatija

Genre– Self Help/Non Fiction

Publisher– Bloomsbury India

Year– 2016

Ratings– 3.5/5


It is a self help book which mainly focus towards your professional life. It has nine chapters or nine factors necessary for a successful career.


It has an amazing cover. Every chapter starts with a very gorgeous illustration depicting the theme of that particular chapter.

It is really an eye opener at some places. It motivates and encourages to give your best. It has very nicely combined the professional and personal life benefits and explains how they are inter connected.

There are many quotes in the book from very famous personalities. I just wish it has more stories so it would be more interesting to read.

It has rightly said in the beginning that there is nothing new information in this book. But this book makes you realize of the information you have and encourages you to use it wisely.

It is engaging and never gets dull. Language is easy to understand and ignites a spark in you to get up and do something which you love.

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