Circus Folks and Village Freaks – Book Review

Author– Aparna Upadhyaya Sanyal

Publisher– Vishwakarma Publications

Year– 2018

There are 18 short stories in the form of prose. Each story describes the life journey of Village Freaks and some of them later joins the Circus Folk where they truly belong.


We are the villain and we are the hero of each story. It is upto us to decide what we want to be ultimately.

Each story has a each unique character. There are total 18 characters and all of these characters are too real to be fiction.
In this book the author has slapped us with reality with the help of sweet prose. I am in love with the writing of the author. Each sentence each story is so perfectly carved that you just don’t want to finish this book. Some story has tragedy, some have love, some gets happy ending and some stories just leave you with tears.

Each character felt so real to me and their story was so heartwarming and heart touching. This book urges you to understand your society better. It shows us how inhuman we are becoming. This book evokes humanity in humans.

The cover of the book is too gorgeous and perfectly matches the theme. And the illustrations inside the book will just melt your heart. Because reading about the characters is one thing but seeing them and then imagining them while reading the whole story is just another level of connectivity. I must say it is very smart of the author the way she has depicted the characters in the illustrations because they look unreal when you see them but their stories are just too real that they connect instantly with you.

Ratings- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

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