The Tree with Thousand Apples – Book Review

Author – Sanchit Gupta

Publisher – Niyogi Books

Genre – Political Drama/Fiction

Year – 2016

Ratings – ⭐️⭐️⭐️.8/5⭐️

Safeena Malik, Deewan Bhat and Bilal Ahanagar are three childhood friends living in paradise on Earth i.e., Kashmir. They didn’t even know what caste discrimination is. They celebrated Eid and Diwali as one. They are a tight knit group nothing can break them apart.

While Bilal was mischievous, Deewan always protected them no matter what and Safeena always doing the righteous. But what happened on 20 January 1990 changed their life forever.
But in the midst of war, politics, poverty, survival and scars, which can never heal, who decides what is wrong and what is right? Will they be able to forgive one other or even their ownself?


This book will definitely make you think that who was hero and who was villain. It doesn’t side with anyone but shows everyone has a negative side.

After reading this I empathize a lot with Kashmiri people. It has said that it is inspired by true events, I can’t even imagine it happening in fiction and this is happening somewhere in real life. I really had goose bumps many times while reading this book.

Narration is very impressive being the author’s debut book. He has very beautifully described the dilemma and suffering of characters. It is crisp and intriguing. Plot or theme of the story is very similar to that of Khalid Hosseini books but their writing style is way different.

More than the characters the situation and their sufferings are the real gem of the book. Every action of the characters is justified and every character has done something wrong but if you see things from their perspective it is totally right.

Author has done an immense research for this book. It can be seen in the way how author has tried to grab the essence of Kashmir. Whether its culture, its food or its language, author has successfully brought the feel of Kashmir through his writing.

I would highly recommend this book to understand the situations of the Kashmiris better. To know who is responsible for all the violence in Kashmir-Politicians? Army? Or Kashmiris?

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