The Murder of Roger Ackroyd – Book Review

Author – Agatha Christie

Genre – Murder Mystery/Fiction

Publisher – Harper Collins

Year – 2017

Ratings – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

King Abbot is a small village situated around nine miles away from Cranchester. Many young people have already left village for big cities. The crowd of King Abbot generally consists of unmarried ladies and retired military officers. Because of this gossip is the main hobby in the entire village.

Suddenly there is a death of Mrs. Ferrars because of overdose of veronal, a sleeping pill. On the next night Mr. Roger Ackroyd was murdered. There was a series of gossip in the whole village as who murdered whom? But is there a connection between two deaths. Though everyone in the household has a motive to murder Mr. Ackroyd what is the motive behind Mrs. Ferrars death? Or Mrs. Ferrars death was just a suicide?


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I have heard a lot about this book being the best of Agatha Christie till now. So being an Agatha fan I had to pick this one. And I totally agree this book is one of the best murder mystery I have ever read.

Every character has a motive to murder and every character has a means to do it. But who actually did it. Hercule Poirot is one of the best detective character I have ever read. How he observes everything and how he obtains information and how he analyzes everything from the roots is remarkable.

There are subtle hints everywhere but as Hercule Poirot says one must come to the conclusion by themselves. There are various theories regarding every household being a suspect. And as the village gossip mills gets intense the plot gets more confusing.

The ending of the book will blow your mind. Like I am disappointed in myself that I didn’t even suspected the murderer even once. Even though the most important clue was right there.

The language is quite difficult from your usual everyday English being this book is written in 1926. But you can predict the words as you read the sentence.

I don’t think so this a review anymore I am just rambling about this gorgeous book. All the thriller fans you have to read this book! I guarantee you will not be able to identify the murderer. And if you do please do tell me in the comments

Have you read this book yet? Or will you read it in future?

P.S. – This is a special edition hardcover which has the original texts of 1926 the year in which this book was published for the first time. You can buy the book in the amazon link given above.

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