Badoga – Book Review

Author – Pankaj Saini

Genre – Fantasy

Publisher – Notion Press

Year – 2019

Ratings – ⭐⭐⭐/5

Synopsis –

Sartaj an amateur boxer and a spoil brat doesn’t know what to do with his life. He is living just as the days get by but he doesn’t have a strong purpose or ambition. His life is filled with money, sex, liquor and nightmares. But does those nightmares mean anything?

And then he starts hearing voice in his head. And this voice commands him to deliver justice and fight for the weak. Sartaj gets an opportunity to be a superhero. But is all this real? Or his vanity is getting the better of him? And even if its real who is this voice?


I really like the concept of the Indian superhero but the execution was very disappointing.

Half of the story and scenes has no importance in the overall book. I felt the back story of Sartaj was just dragged on with no purpose at all.

The writing is good and enjoyable. I really like the language used before the introduction of every new phase. Kudos to the author for writing such an unique plot and trying something different.

The story could be possible without being sexist. There were unnecessary sexist comments just to show the hero is too macho.

Sartaj character could be improved. I felt he was shown as too much of a rowdy and a spoil brat and then suddenly helping people in need which doesn’t get well with the whole scene.

I just hope author gives a better character arc and an improved execution of the whole plot in the sequel because the storyline definitely has potential.

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