Frozen Beauty – Book Review

Author – Lexa Hillyer

Genre – YA Contemporary Mystery

Publisher – Harper Teen

Year – 2020

Ratings – ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Synopsis –

Three Malloy sisters Kit, Tessa and Lily each different from the other from their hair to their nature to their passion except Boyd. Boyd a boy who lives next door is a part of their growing up and each sister loved him in their own way.

But what happens when one secret turns Kit dead and all the evidence points toward Boyd. Lilly is the one who saw Boyd with Kit at that night but Tessa is sure about Boyd’s innocence. Will one secret and one boy will tear three sisters apart?


I really like the writing of the author its very descriptive and easy to imagine the scenes that unfold. The characters are very distinctive and interesting to read. But I believe Lilly’s character was somewhat flat and predictable as compared to Tessa and Kit.

The plot is very intricately written with every aspect related to one another. Before gives an insight on the relationship of the sister and Now tells us the impact of the murder on Tessa and Lilly.

Though the POV continuously shifts but at no point it creates confusion. And the constant change in POV makes it more interesting to read. As on one page they are happy and sassy and in next page they are sad and heartbroken. It keeps you hooked emotionally throughout the book.

The murder mystery is very brilliantly created with every person being a suspect but the hype and the twist were so good that it didn’t match upto the expectation at the end. The murderer was definitely shocking and impressive but the way murder took place I felt it was quite unplanned. The murder scene was just written in haste without giving proper attention.

The school life and the teen romance also plays an important part in the whole book. It gives the perfect YA vibe with the murder mystery. But don’t get your hopes high on the romance part because suspense part is overwhelming in every aspect.

The book gives you a cold December vibe so keep your blankets and coffee ready while reading this book because it will definitely give you chills and keep you hooked to the end.

Thank you so much FFBC for including me in this blog tour.

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